Nationally known for his work in smart growth, land conservation, and New Urbanism, Joel Russell has helped many communities and individuals translate their ideas into reality through regulatory reform. His clients move from goal-setting to results, drawing upon his skills as an urban planner, land use attorney, and community consensus builder. He is equally familiar with the issues of preserving rural open space and the revitalization of urban centers, both of which are necessary elements of any environmentally and economically sound planning program.

Joel Russell has been at the forefront in drafting land use ordinances that emphasize quality design, the creation of a sense of place, traditional neighborhood development, and the preservation of open space and environmental resources. With over 32 years experience as a planning consultant and land use attorney, he is a national authority on how to combine New Urbanism with land conservation to contain suburban sprawl. Joel is a principal co-author of Codifying New Urbanism, published by the American Planning Association for the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Complementing his work on urban and village environments, he has been active in the land conservation movement since 1982, and has played a role in preserving over 16,000 acres of land through land protection projects of twelve land trusts. In 1985, he co-founded and served as Executive Director of the Dutchess Land Conservancy in New York, and has been the organization's conservation easement counsel ever since.

Joel Russell is currently serving as a Fellow of the Glynwood Center in Cold Spring, New York, where he focuses on local agriculture, land use policy and regulation, climate change, and improving the capacity of local communities to choose their future. He has published numerous articles and spoken at conferences throughout the United States.